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  • The ginger is an Asian plant often used in traditional Indian meals. In West Africa, ginger is pressed to make fresh juices.


    For our velours, we decided to sublimate the atypical taste of ginger and to soften its spiciness. With a light touch of vanilla, you might feel its sweetness.


    Enjoy the finesse of ginger velours with salty and sweet meals, such as a roasted pig with caramel, or as jam.


    That’s not all : you will also find ginger in our juices and creams : Ginger Orange and Ginger Passion Juices and Ginger Cream.

    Ginger Velours

    • Net weigt: 120g

      Nutritional value (per 100g): 122 kcal

    • Prices are all taxes included, excepting delivery fees.

      The delivery delay in France is between 3 and 5 business days.


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