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  • The passion fruit, also known as “maracuja”, has two main varieties : a big yellow fruit or a smaller purple one. The second one is well known in Europe.


    We use of the best passion fruits’ pulp to propose a natural and authentic velours to our clients. All the maracuja flavors are contained in this gourmet and fruity velours.


    Taste it as honey or jelly! The passion fruit velour matches even better with foie gras than the traditional fig jam.


    That’s not all: you may also find the passion fruit mixed with ginger in a delicious juice!


    Passion Fruit Velours

    • Net weight: 120g

      Nutritional value (per 100g): 116 kcal

    • Prices are all taxes included, excepting delivery fees.

      The delivery delay in France is between 3 and 5 business days.


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