Born in Congo where she discovered a lot of exotic flavours, Nathalie Schermann is an expert of African gastronomy and the creator of Joe & Avrels products.

After she participated to the MasterChef TV Show in 2010, she worked along great chefs in famous restaurants such as the Trianon Palace in Versailles. Thanks to its multicultural and culinary experiences, Nathalie composes unique recipes with originality, precision and passion.



Safou, black eyed pea, cola nuts, baobab, hibiscus flower… We have so much exotic flavours that may open your appetite.


Our sourcing process always leads us to premium ingredients mainly from the tropical regions of Central and West Africa. You can taste them in our creams, velours and juices.


At Joe & Avrels, Africa is at the heart of our values and our concerns.

Thus, encourage its development is one of our priorities.


In order to respect our moral commitment to Africa, we try to work more and more with local cooperatives. In this way, we are creating jobs in several countries of Central & West Africa. Moreover, we eliminate the intermediaries between us and the ingredients to allow the safou, baobab, black eyed pea producers to live from their work.


At Joe & Avrels, we want to offer our customers high-quality products.

Thus, we created innovating recipes after several years of research. We made it ourselves, in our own labo, with a strict compliance to the hygienic conditions of preparation.

African cooking is all about sharing together.

Gathering our customers around a moment of shared pleasure is extremely

important to us.

This is why we believe that the best moment to enjoy a great time, by Joe & Avrels.

We strongly believe 

that culinary excellence goes through selecting high quality ingredients, contributing to social and sustainable development.

Thus, we work with local cooperatives in Africa, and are trying to get the bio label for our products. 

What would pleasure be without Joe & Avrels? What would Joe & Avrels be without a moment of pleasure? We want above all to make our customers happy thanks to our history, our unique flavours and thanks to the moment they will enjoy together to taste Joe & Avrels products.

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